I Saw You in My Dream (2024)

I Saw You in My Dream (2024)

Other name: เธอ ฉัน ฝัน เรา คุณในฝัน Khun Nai Fan Thoe Chan Fan Rao You, Me, Dreams and Us You, Me, Dreams, Us


On the last night of the sixth and twelfth month each year, Ai has long had prophetic dreams. There's only one thing he's never dreamt of—love. On the last night of that year, however, he dreams of a love so warm. He doesn't want to believe that the man of his dream could be P'Yu, a neighbour skilled at driving him crazy, the opposite of dream Yu.

(Source: Thai = Goodreads)

Adapted from the novel "I Saw You in My Dream" (คุณในฝัน) by Afterday.

Tags: Psychic Male Lead, Neighbors' Relationship, Gay Romance, LGBTQ+, Adapted From A Novel (Vote or add tags)

Episodes: 12

Country: Thailand

Airs On: Wednesday

Aired: Jul 24, 2024 - Sep 25, 2024

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Original Network: Tencent Video;

Director: Tee Bundit Sintanaparadee [ตี๋ บัณฑิต สินธนภารดี]

Country: Thailand

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2024

Genre: BL; LGBTQ+; Neighbours; Novel; Romance;

Airs: Jul 24, 2024

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