U Know Yunho (1986)

U Know Yunho (1986)

Other Name: 유노윤호 정윤호 瑜鹵允浩 ユンホ Jeong Yoon Ho Jung Yoon Ho

Age: 38

Birthday: February, 06, 1986

Nationality: Gwangju, South Korea

Height: 184 CM

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Jung Yun Ho, also known by his stage name U-Know Yun Ho or simply U-Know, is a South Korean singer-songwriter, actor, and member of the pop duo TVXQ. Born and raised in Gwangju, South Korea, U-Know started his musical training under the talent agency S.M. Entertainment in 2001 and joined TVXQ in 2003. He graduated from Myongji University in 2011 and pursued a master's degree at Chungwoon University.

He officially started his training in 2000. To sustain his life as a trainee in Seoul, where S.M. Entertainment was situated, U-Know took up various part-time jobs in the city, such as working snow removal in the morning and as a waiter at night. Unable to afford proper housing, U-Know was homeless for a period of time. TVXQ officially debuted on December 26, 2003.

While TVXQ was filming a variety show on October 14, 2006, Yun Ho was rushed to the hospital after drinking a beverage laced with superglue given by an anti-fan. The anti-fan turned herself in the next day. The suspect, whose surname is Ko, was apprehended. Yun Ho contacted the police and requested that they not press charges against Ko in spite of the potentially severe consequences of her actions.

In April 2010, members Jae Joong, Yoo Chun, and Jun Su formally left TVXQ and formed their own band, JYJ. U-Know suffered depression following the split with JYJ and was blamed by fans for failing to protect the group. His first lead role in a drama was in 2009, "Heading to the Ground". In 2010, U-Know starred in the musical remake of "Goong". Tickets for Yun Ho's performances were sold out in less than two minutes.

U-Know enrolled for his mandatory military service, joining the Republic of Korea Armed Forces on July 21, 2015. He officially joined the military band for the 26th Mechanized Infantry Division on August 31. He was honored as a Special Warrior on May 9, 2016. Yunho was honorably discharged from service on April 20, 2017. Upon return from the military, Yunho's first drama was "Meloholic".

(Source: Wikipedia)

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