A Scholar Dream of Woman

A Scholar Dream of Woman

Other name: 碧血书香梦


In 1915, during the Early Republic times, a smart young woman wants to pursue an education.

Shen Bi Yun (Zhang Meng) decides to put her personal happiness aside to marry into the wealthy Xuan family, which owns the biggest library of books in the land. She also believes the family is responsible for her father’s death and wants to find out the truth. But when Bi Yun’s new husband, the third son in the family, hangs himself and dies on their wedding night, Bi Yun is suspected of causing the death and bringing misfortune on the family.

Bi Yun is nearly drowned in the Qiantang River and suffers other torments at the hands of angry Xuan family members. The fourth son, Xuan Xiao Ji (Han Dong), takes pity on Bi Yun and tries to help her escape the family, but Bi Yun is determined to stay and ends up marrying Xiao Ji.

Can Bi Yun withstand the internal struggle for power and money within the Xuan family in her quest to open up the family library to the people?

“A Scholar Dream of Woman” is a 2015-2016 Chinese drama series.

Director: Jeffrey Chiang [蒋家骏]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Genre: Business; Drama; Family; Historical;

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